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Everything, Everything

Posted on: October 18, 2010

About 3 weeks ago I stumbled upon Later with Jools Holland (the Tuesday night edition), I’d forgot it was on. On that particular show was a band called Everything, Everything – I’d only heard about them a week before this. The Irish Times published a list of their Top 50 British Acts to watch over the next few months.  Anyway, I was blown away by their performance on Jools, so much so that I went out on the following Friday and bought the album. This tune, ‘My Kz Ur Bf’ (featured in the video below) is probably the best on the album so if you like it then definitely check out the rest of the album.  I agree with The Irish Times, Everything, Everything are definitely one to watch. Enjoy.

Today’s top five favourite downloads:

  1. Warpaint – Elephants
  2. Villagers – Home
  3. Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters
  4. Kisses – Kisses
  5. Stereolab – Sun Demon

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